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What is Microsoft’s Xbox 360 service phone number? (1-800-4MYXBOX in the US)

Do you know the address to Microsoft’s repair center?
5700 S International Parkway
Door 18
Mcallen TX

Do you provide free technical support to help fix my Xbox 360? At this time we do not provide free technical support, however we have a great database of different troubleshooting answers, repair techniques and error code solutions.

Do I need a mod chip to burn backup Xbox 360 games? No, you do not need a modchip to burn backup Xbox 360 games, however in order to play those games, you will need a modchip, which you can find here.

Is your site free? Yes, you are more than welcome to browse around to find the answers your looking for, so you can fix your Xbox 360.

Is it really possible to remove scratches from my Xbox 360 games? Yes you can, please refer to the appropriate category to fix this problem. Please click here

Can I have a refund for the repair guides on your site? Yes, at anytime you feel you want to ask for a refund, as long as you do it within a 60 day time period, starting from the day you purchased the guide, you may ask for a refund without any hassle. Here is the return form. https://www.clickbank.com/csinquiry.html

Is it possible to fix my Xbox 360 under an hour? Depending on the severity of the problem, Yes you can with most common errors.

Who is Clickbank.com and how come their asking for my payment information instead? Clickbank as a digital payment processor for over 10,000 different product owners and vendors worldwide.

Does the Towel Trick Really Work? Yes it does, however it’s certainly a technique that I do not RECOMMEND you attempt, this method could cause more problems than what it’s worth, ultimately destroying your machine.

Does Xbox360RedLightFix repair more than just the 3 red light error? Yes, you’ll discover solutions to all flashing red lights, regardless of order and how to troubleshoot different error codes, as well as keeping preventive maintenance.