The Best Xbox 360 Repair Guides – Review

When it comes to working on your Xbox 360, you can’t be safe enough, always making sure your console (Xbox 360) gets fixed the best way possible, as well as making sure it gets repaired good enough so the problem doesn’t happen again.

In fact, if you know the basics of keeping better preventive maintenance on your Xbox 360, the less of a chance it has of running into problems or getting strange error codes later on.

What I’ve done for the purpose of this article and to better help you, is review every single Xbox 360 repair guide I could find, online and off, only 3 of them past my standards…only 3 made the grade!

Now my standards are not just about what I think, No.No..No…

I actually went the distance with this, something I don’t think too many people or others would even consider doing, what I did, was compile a list of questions (a survey) I guess you could call it and I ran the survey for 3 months on a partners website, for this sake, I can’t reveal the website, but all I can say is "it's a very popular one!!!"

I asked several Xbox 360 owners worldwide (total of 3,479 people) a series of questions about the type of service they would expect to receive if they ordered an Xbox 360 repair guide, everyone single person said they would not purchase the guide if it didn’t include; excellent service, 24/7 support, preventive maintenance tips, how to fix more than just the 3 red light error, crystal clear video tutorials with DETAILS from beginning to end on all repairs and easy to follow techniques as well as an easy, no-hassle refund policy!

Out of all the people that took the survey, only 1 Xbox 360 repair guide provided 90% of what those 3,749 people expected an Xbox 360 repair guide to provide.

Xbox 360 Red Light Fix is not only the people's choice but happens to be my personal favorite as well, just because they were nice enough to let me review their members area for free for all my test results, which none of the others would do…That says allot about the company and their Xbox 360 repair guide. Click here to Visit

These are My Xbox 360 Repair Guide Test Results

Xbox 360 Repair Guide #1 – Xbox 360 Red Light Fix

Features & Bonuses - The Best Choice!!!

• Provides step by step instructions that will help you fix your Xbox 360
• Complete refund if you’re not satisfied, no questions asked
• Step by step online videos
• Xbox360RedLightFix covers - 90% of all error codes, flashing lights common problems, overheating consoles, graphic errors, freeze ups and much more!
• PDF Guide with pictures & videos
• Complete access to members area
• Free online 24/7 support
• Instant delivery
• Price $29.00
Simply put, this is my best choice because this Xbox 360 repair guide covers everything!
Click Here to Visit Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Now!


Xbox 360 Repair Guide #2 - Three Red Lights Fix by Chris Jones

Features & Bonuses

• Complete Video Guide...simple....step by step
• Guarantees to permanently get rid of the 3 red light error
• Full money back guarantee
• Claims to have helped thousands of gamers fix their Xbox's ???
• Guide claims to cover other errors including graphic errors, game freeze ups, one red light error and even your games not playing when you put a disc in!
• Step by step instructions with complete full color pictures to go along with the videos
• Uses common household items for the fix
• No need to take apart the Xbox...( isn't the towel trick)
• Full online case you have a question
• Price $23.99
Click Here to Visit Chris Jones’s Three Red Light Fix


Xbox 360 Repair Guide #3 - 3 Red Light Fix

Features & Bonuses

• Easily fix your Xbox 360 within the "next" 2 hours guaranteed??
• Money back no questions asked guarantee (Took me 3 Request)
• Uses common tools found around the house
• Not the towel trick
• Not the solder method fix
• Detailed video tutorials (poor quality)
• Real human customer support (very difficult to contact)
• Instant access to guide and videos
• Price $29.95 (with a big whopping coupon for $5 bucks off..)
Click Here to Visit 3 Red Light Fix Now! is the only guide I strongly recommend getting, although if you don’t agree with my results that’s fine, at least take my recommendation with one of the other two guides to be on the safe side of things.

Those are my results, I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful, if you have any suggestion or comments, please feel free to leave them.

Thanks for visiting!

  1. Anonymous January 8, 2009 at 5:15 PM  

    "everyone single person"
    lol this makes the whole story fake

  2. June 14, 2009 at 7:32 AM  

    WOW! This is an awesome tool for me to put on my blog.
    Thanks so much, .....!

  3. Anonymous June 25, 2009 at 6:58 AM  

    I purchased this guide, the xbox 360 red light fix, and it's a SCAM!!! The directions are detailed and relatively easy to follow, but it just doesn't work. AND all the "contact us" tabs don't work either, so for all the support they promise, there really isn't any. I'm VERY dissatisfied with this guide and its support (or lack thereof) and just want my money back.... unfortunately I can't contact anyone. How convenient!!!!!

    Bottom line is: STAY AWAY from this or you'll lose your money!

  4. Xbox 360 3 Red Light Repair August 31, 2009 at 10:56 PM  

    Is anyone having issues with these guides?

  5. Sam September 8, 2009 at 12:58 AM  

    Wow!! what a great tool. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Anonymous November 26, 2009 at 10:54 AM  

    What could happen? If my firewalls are on I get kicked off the server during gameplay if I even get in at all. On the Playstation Site they say to enter port numbers but I may have did that wrong so I just take them off completely but only when I play online. Help?