Wana Learn how to Backup Your Xbox 360 Games? Of course you do!

Here's a guide, I put together from other content and tutorials I've gathered up online.

It will show you what files you need to download, comes with a .rar file extractor and has nice images and graphics to make the learning process simple.

You can make backup copies of all your Xbox 360 games!

Your going to either need to get a new DVD drive to make a few modifications or you can mod the DVD drive already installed on your XBOX 360, not recommended. (pro's only)

Click Here to Download the Xbox 360 Backup Tutorial

Because Xbox 360 games are so vulnerable to being scratched, smashed, busted and because why would anybody in their right mind not want to make duplicate copies of all their Xbox 360 games, especially when they cost $40 - $80 bucks apiece.

#2. Bonus Freebie!!!

Also Download.. Hacking the Xbox 360 for Idiots Guide Absolutely Free! Click Here to Download

Learn how to mod your Xbox 360 to new dimensions, take your Xbox 360 to new levels, make your friends drop their jaws and watch professionals weep with jealousy!

This Tutorial Rocks...

Hacking the Xbox 360 for Dummies goes way beyond the scope, teaching you how to hack your DVD drive, finding killer firmware making backup copies of your Xbox 360 games...Turn your console into a living breathing man eating machine!

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