If you are an owner of an Xbox 360 or even if you're not, you might possibly know a thing or two about all the issues that come with this gaming console.

As far as this article goes, I think you?ll find it rather soothing, you?ll also learn and gain a few tips about how to prevent the worst from happening.

These are the 3 best tips around that will show you how to keep the 3 red rings of death happening to you.

1. If you store your Xbox 360 in a display case or some sort of TV cabinet, then the finest thing you can do for your machine, is to pull that sucker out of there A.S.A.P. Now, the reason for this is, because just about all Xbox 360?s have a major overheating problem, and when they begin to overheat, the 3 rings of death start to happen, and it?s even worse if you keep the doors shut when your Xbox is stored away in your cabinet or TV center. So, you?re aware of this fact, the chance of your Xbox 360 overheating or getting the 3 red light error code, reduced significantly.

2. The second way that you can prevent the three red lights from showing up, is by lifting the power brick up off the floor and placing it on top of an open box. This might sound a bit strange but you have probably noticed that the power brick has little fans located inside of it and needs to have air continuously pump in and out of it, it's a great way to reduce heat. This method can also stop your games from freezing.

3. The final technique you can do, is to keep or brush off all the dust that builds up on your console, just like most computers, as well as the Xbox 360 attract large amounts of dust that cling to your machine. By doing this, keeping your Xbox 36o clean, it too will also reduce the chances of it overheating or getting the 3 red light error code.

The three tips above should help you fix your Xbox and prevent game freezes and the red lights, however if you have already got the red lights then you will need to ring Microsoft support or find a way to repair it yourself.

The one major problem, everyone knows about, is the high cost it is to have Microsoft fix it and long wait you have to endure before you get it back.

Another choice you can consider is to repair it yourself, you can do this by finding a great repair guide right here online, they well walk you right through the entire process from beginning to end, even if you think you can?t handle it as easy as it is, you have nothing to worry about, people all over the world are finding it much easier than anticipated, in fact last time I read up on this, a 13 year old kid from California, borrowed his mothers credit card (while she wasn?t looking :-) of course)found a guide he liked and had his Xbox 360 working again before his mother found out the next day.

Just incase you were wondering where to find such a guide, I have one in mind that I strongly recommend, you won't find another that offers the kind of support and technical assistance you might need when you're in a jam. I'm talking about Xbox360redlightfix.com

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