It’s always been a big question among many Xbox 360 owners, since the day they were released, “how can I mod my Xbox 360?”, if this is a question you have asked yourself, please take extreme caution first and do yourself a favor by reading this post…

Seems like I hear it happen all too often, of how some rookie try’s to mod his new Xbox so he can play a few burnt games he hacked from his buddies collection and he either ends up breaking his console while attempting to mod it or if he’s successful, he logs onto Microsoft Xbox 360 Live completely unaware of Xbox 360’s clear as day rule policy, only to…


So if you’re thinking of modifying your Xbox 360, think twice first, because your risking way too much for so little, that is if you don’t have a few hundred extra dollars laying around to buy two Xbox 360’s or at least a used one, that way you can have one to play your burned video games and the other to connect to Xbox live.

I’ll Give You 3 Good Reason Why You Should Not Mod Your Xbox 360

1. Voids your warranty, little seal on the side of your console and when you pull the top of it off, the seal breaks.

2. You could end up breaking your Xbox 360

3. GET BANNED FROM XBOX LIVE FOR LIFE, rendering your Xbox 360 60% useless.

Hopefully you can see why it isn’t as good of an idea as you might think and change your mind, but if your determined and want to take a chance, then visit this site to learn more about how to Mod Your Xbox 360.

P.s Still looking for the appropriate site, haven't found it yet, because if your going to do it, I want to make sure you learn how to do it right. All I've seen so far are hald ass sites, that don't show you everything.