Ahh… The power of knowledge, if you’re having any kind of problems with your Xbox 360, I strongly recommend getting a Xbox 360 Red Light Fix membership, but only if you can’t find the solution you’re looking for on any of the other pages on this blog.

Xbox 360 Red Light Fix not only shows you the easiest way possible to fix your Xbox 360’s 3 red light error, but goes into awesome details about other common errors the Xbox 360 has, such as; how to fix the 1 red light error, unplayable disc error, how to stop your Xbox from overheating/freezing, disc jamming problems and how to properly take your console apart, plain and simple, they are the best when it comes to Xbox 360 repair. (Extremely Important)

You may already know about the X clamp fix or at least have heard of it, the X clamp fix not only repairs the 3 red light error, it also fixes the 1 red light error and is always a good idea to do it any ways, so you can prevent the 3 rings of death from happening in the future, there’s nothing like being smart and thinking ahead, that’s for sure!

I can tell you right now, that I would never recommend any other Xbox 360 repair guide and the only reason why I support this one so much is because, they are the main reason for me starting this blog.

I too, was in the same shoes you were in 6 months ago, looking for a way to fix my Xbox console, because I was having major problems with it. I couldn’t send it in to Microsoft to fix, because I had modified it 3 months earlier, breaking the warranty seal.

So, it was up to me to repair it myself. I browsed all over the web, watching this video and that video, reading this forum thread and that forum thread trying to get all down right, so I could fix the problems I was having.

To be honest, I just got sic & tired of wasting serious time looking all over the place for several different questions and answers and just decided to get the guide a friend of mine had mentioned, Xbox 360 Red Light Fix.

I was told that they had an easy fix for every single error the Xbox 360 has, including killer Hd/DVD quality videos, well laid out instructions and awesome pic’s to make everything as easy as possible to understand.

Let me tell you, I took advantage of it, as quickly as I could; I kicked out the $30 bucks and went to town lol!

After going through all the material on the site (in the members area) I felt confident enough to fix my own Xbox 360 and did, it was funny because another friend of mine had heard about me doing it and asked if I could fix his Xbox 360 too, then it seems like it only progressed from there and now I’m doing it kind of part time (fixing Xbox 360’s on the side) and making decent money from it.

I’ve run into a couple consoles that had no hope at all with fixing them, but other than that, it’s been working out to my advantage big time and I’ve made my $30 bucks back 100 fold.
I’ll end this by saying “if you want to continue browsing the web for hours, hoping you find the help your looking for, go right ahead or you can take advantage of this opportunity like I have, get everything you need in one place.”

If you need help with anything else, or maybe you have the smallest problem and don’t want to spend $30 bucks to fix it, leave a comment and I’ll try my best to help you figure it out with you, but like I said, it’s definitely worth the cost, because you can use it to fall back on, in case you run into trouble again later.

This is my Xbox 360 Red Light Fix review and thank you for visiting.

Adam B.