Although it might seem unbearable, it is actually not that difficult to learn how to fix a broken Xbox 360. In fact, its very feasible to repair your own Xbox 360 right at home without any technical knowledge or use of special equipment.

Depending on what the existent problem is, with 90% of all regular Xbox 360 failures, your console should be up and running within an hour after starting the repair operation.

You'll find this article will give you a very clear plan where to start, what you need to do, and where should go to get the right kind of help. I won't be able to completely explain every step to fixing your console it in this article, but I can definitely show the right place to get the help you need.

Because the Xbox 360 is likely to overheat, this problem alone is the number one reason why it other Xbox 360 errors and problems happen. If you leave your Xbox 360 on for longer than just a couple of hours you'll notice right away just by placing your hand on the console of how hot they get.

Of course this heat is not at all good for the brittle components inside, and the lack of air flow only adds to the problem. Extreme amounts of heat can cause damage to the processor, memory, hard drive and basically anything else inside!

The funny thing is, why the every so popular "3 Red Light Error" occur, is because the Xbox 360 heats up so much that it melts lead free based soldering around the GPU processor, leading to 3 flashing lights on the outside of the console and an entire system shutdown.

Hopefully you can better see now, why the majority of all Xbox 360 problems occur, (from overheating) and now you can be better prepared to fix your Broken Xbox 360 console.

In order to repair your console it is important to establish exactly what caused the fault, and what needs to be done to solve this particular issue.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to get an Xbox 360 repair guide, to fix your broken Xbox 360 the right way with instructions in front of you, helping you every step of the way!

Another thing you can do, is find a review on the different Xbox 360 guides available, there are lots of Xbox 360 repair guides, but not all of them are good, so finding a review, you'll be able to get a better idea of what guide will work best for you and your particular Xbox 360 error code.

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