Much like anyone else that owns Xbox 360, I too have experience a swindle of malfunctions and hardware failures as well as the 3 red rings of death error! So when it comes to feeling a little upset and angry with your console, I completely understand where you’re coming from and when it comes to finding the right help, to get your Xbox 360 working properly again, I can only recommend getting yourself an Xbox 360 repair guide to walk you right through everything and have you playing your Xbox 360 as soon as possible!

What to Look for When Choosing a repair Guide

Here’s what I would look for and have, when I was searching for a guide to help me fix my console and I wouldn’t settle for anything less, that’s for sure!

1. The first thing you should do, once you find a guide your interested in, is to check out their author, see what their all about, what their real objective is, are they really there to help you, or are they just trying to make a quick buck off your efforts to only give you a product they printed up in a matter of minutes. All in all, make sure their an expert in their field first!

2. Does the Xbox 360 repair guide contain detailed, written step by step instructions with pictures? I am the type of person who doesn't want to leave anything up to chance. If you are going to teach me how to do anything, you need to explain each step carefully. Also, I want as many pictures as possible. And not just lots of pictures, but high quality detailed pictures. So, the guide you purchase needs to contain high quality, detailed, written, step by step instructions with lots of pictures.

3. Make sure the guide is not just a guide but rather a program/course of some sort that includes videos, yeah videos make it so much more easier, rather than reading everything, make sure the videos are of good quality and walk you through each step in a hand holding manor.

4. What if I have questions? Does the guide come with support? The Xbox 360 's manufacturer spans more than a couple of years now and not every Xbox 360 is the same. So, I want to be able to ask somebody a question if I get stuck. You need some kind of support. It could be chat, email, whatever, but, you need to be able to talk to someone and ask them a question.

5. Step five, find out if the guide is available A.S.A.P, this is extremely important, you want to fix your Xbox 360 now, not tomorrow, you don’t want to wait a week for it to be delivered in the mail, you want it now, so you can play your favorite games as soon as possible. If your kicking out the $30 bucks or whatever the cost is, you want what you paid for immediately.

6. Make sure there is a guarantee, that way if you find out after you get the guide that it’s not what you wanted or can’t help with your particular problem, make sure you can ask for a no hassle refund without any problems!

That’s it, now you know what to look for when you’re ready to get an Xbox 360 repair guide to help you fix your favorite console and remember, don’t settle for less!

If you would like to skip right through all this and get the Xbox 360 repair guide I recommend most, that get the Xbox 360 red Light Fix guide, you just won’t be as happy anywhere else.