O..It's never fun when your Xbox 360 up and decides to stop working, whether it be from overheating, freezing, not powering on or getting some strange error code you've never seen before. So before you go nuts wanting to pull your hair out over the entire mess, you can avoid giving Microsoft the money you can't afford and also learn a few tricks of the trade...

No doubt, this article will surely show you the different ways and techniques you can use to repair your Xbox 360.

1.Yes, you could of course send your Xbox 360 into Microsoft for repair, but as you know, that's going to be very expensive, probably more money than you want to invest and...

2.The next option you have to repair your Xbox 360 is to send it to a third party company and they will do the repair work for you. This is a great choice if you are willing to take a bit of a gamble. The gamble is that although the delivery times will be fast and you will get your Xbox back quicker, as it is not Microsoft you have no idea if the problem will not happen again!

3. Your third options is...You, overhaul your own Xbox 360 right at home because all you really need is a good Xbox 360 Repair tutorial to get it done correctly. I know it sounds a bit out of wack but you really can fix yourself, without a problem. If your going to go down this route it is recommended that you find a tutorial with videos, making sure it gets done right.

What’s the best choice to repair your XBOX 360?

Attention: If your Xbox 360 is still covered under the original warranty and has something seriously wrong with it, it's probably the best choice for you to send in to them, to fix it for you and it won't cost you a penny either as long as the warranty is still good.

Now you know your choices and whichever one you choose, I stand behind you all the way and want to see you happily playing your favorite games again more than anyone, because I too know just how fun that awesome little machine can be!

One other thing I didn't mention, is an alternative to all 3 options above, what I'm talking about is to get yourself an Xbox 360 repair guide, now not just any old guide, that's why I'm going to just recommend one, that is in my opinion the best guide available, I wouldn't recommend any other, the Xbox 360 guide I'm talking about of course is, Xbox 360 Red Light Fix (Xbox360RedLightFix.com), they not only provide awesome video tutorials on just about every error code you can think of, but also have an awesome set of preventive maintenance tips that you just can't find anywhere. Here's the link, go ahead and take a quick look, this guide just simple rocks!