Got the RED RING of DEATH?

Posted by Weezer | 9:52 PM

Got the RED RING of DEATH?

Got Xbox 360 Problems, Red Lights,
Disc Tray Errors or Maybe Overheating?

This is going to be your new favorite blog, because I'm going to tell you all about how I fixed my Xbox 360 without sending it to Microsoft, paying someone else to do it, or trying any other crazy technique!

Actually it only consists of 5 Words wanna know what it is?

Hold on big dog... The first thing I gotta tell ya, is you don't need any special tools, it doesn't matter what problem you're having with your Xbox 360, it can be the 1 red light error, or the 3 red lights error (A.K.A Red Ring of Death) just doesn't matter what problem is, because your about to get the answer you've been longing to hear.

Ok.Ok. What the hell am I talking about, right?

All I gotta say is... Xbox 360 Red Lights Fix - Click Here Learn More

It ant hard, it's not difficult, and it only takes about 45 minutes!

Just imagine, 45 minutes from now you'll be playing your favorite games again, the Red Ring of Death will be in the distant past, old memories.

You can even brag about it later to your friends, on how damn smart you are, because
you didn't become a sucker by letting Microsoft fix it for you, or pay someone else lol!

But check it, right quick...I ant trippin, cause this is the easiest way to get done that I've ever seen man, it's dope! So I'll wrap this up and waste no more of yo time..just go get it done, you'll feel so much better afterwords. -- Here's the link again

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  1. xbox April 13, 2009 at 9:06 AM  

    nice blog mate. keep it up. some of info provided is really good.

  2. Mr Rho May 10, 2009 at 8:04 PM  

    There is a very serious problem with this kind of fix.

    When I did it, it worked fine for 3 weeks, then the lights appeared again. After reopening, studing the possibilitoes and with some research, I found out that depending on the year in which the Xbox was manufactured, this fix may or may not work "forever".

    What this fix does is exactly what Microsoft does when you send it to them, clean the thermal paste that protect the GPU and the CPU and place a new set of a more reliable thermal paste over them. Turns out that the 3 Red Lights are most likely a result of that same thermal paste wearing off the GPU and the CPU.

    After using a little mechanical logic I came to the conclusion that depending on the manufacturing date of your Xbox - mainly before 2007 - they were using a board, GPUs and CPU, that were of so poor quality that they overheat at least 30% more than the boards used by other brands at the time. And those 30% are more than enough to make the thermal paste wear off.

    So my advice is if your Xbox was manufactured before 2007, you may have to reconsider using the "Xbox 360 Red Light Fix", because there is a bigger probability that you are going to have to redo it over and over again, just because Microsoft ran over a lot of basic safety and proper working functions of the Xbox at the final steps of the designing of the Xbox.

  3. Anonymous May 31, 2009 at 7:04 PM  

    This is garbage