Xbox 360 3 Red Lights

Posted by t1590 | 7:42 PM

If you own an Xbox 360 you’ve probably heard of the 3 red lights of death. The Xbox 360’s 3 red lights signify that a hardware failure has occurred, and that your console is complete toast.

Following my own experience with the 3 red lights on my own Xbox 360 last year. And considering that as many as 35% of all Xbox 360s will end up with 3 red lights at some point in their lives, there must be thousands more like me out there.

The reason I write so much about it is that I found information that other people in my position may find very useful.

When my system failed I ran a search on Google for the Xbox 360 3 red lights, and while I was searching my way through the mostly unhelpful results, I found The Xbox 360 Red Light Fix. It immediately struck me as something different, mainly because the developers offered a guarantee that within 2 hours I would be able to get rid of the Xbox 360 3 red lights.

None of the other websites I investigated made such a claim. I was very skeptical

I also noticed that The Xbox 360 Red Light Fix was accompanied by high quality step by step video tutorials, which visually demonstrated every second of the fix to rid your Xbox 360 of those 3 red lights. The more I read, the more convinced I became. So I tried it for myself. I probably wouldn’t have, but with the guarantee that it would work within 2 hours, what did I have to lose?

Anyway, I went for it, tried it, and guess what? Yep, my Xbox 360’s 3 red lights are history and I haven't had a problem since. And just like the developers of The Xbox 360 Red Light Fix promised, they were gone within 2 hours and I was back to my gaming.

If you want to rid your Xbox 360 of those 3 red lights and be gaming again in less than two hours, I highly recommend you do just what I did – try The Xbox 360 Red Light Fix.

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