Even with the latest Xbox 360s, the Red Ring of Death still seems to be a problem. I bought a new Xbox 360 last year that was not suppose to get the rings, the console still overheated due to the same flaw in its hardware and the "Red Ring of Death" surfaced.

The Xbox 360 has red lights to indicate the type of error effecting the console:

  • One red light: general hardware failure

  • Two red lights: the system overheated

  • Three red lights: 3 red ring of death

  • Four red lights: usually the AV cable is not properly secured

For those who don't want the long wait and want to use their prized piece of equipment, there's an available Xbox 360 Repair Guide that can be purchased. This guide is an easy step-by-step process that can be performed in a couple of hours, or even less.

Don't waste your time and money on those shops who offer to fix your Xbox 360 (some charge from $100 to $150). So, it might be better to fix the system yourself since its available online with HD video instructions.

If you learned how to do it on your own, it could even become a new found skill and turn into something profitable! You could go and look for broken Xbox 360s, buy and fix them, then resell to friends and other people.

I recommend learning about the Xbox 360 Repair so that you can save yourself from future hassle, long wait and huge repair fees.