RROD Information

Posted by t1590 | 10:24 AM

Xbox 360 is one of the best video game consoles on the market though it does have a few problems. Most notable of these is the "Red Ring of Death" where a red light is lit around the power button. This is something which has been a problem with the Xbox 360 since day one.

What this red ring of death means is that there is a circuit failure in your
Xbox 360. This means you'll have to ship your Xbox 360 away to Microsoft and be fixed which could take up to 3 months and $250... So if you could fix this yourself, you would want to know how, right?

There are a few do-it-yourself red ring of death repair techniques you can try if the unthinkable does happen to your
Xbox 360. And plenty of information available online to help you repair the "Red Ring of Death" - try to look for instructions which include video, since this will make it far easier to follow along. Repair instructions with video can walk you through fixing your Xbox 360 when the red ring of death happens, using only some ordinary hand tools. Here's a great step by step guide available. Check it out.