Would you like to learn how to make some extra money finding broken Xbox 360’s and repairing them on the side putting extra cash in your pocket? Then I’ve got some great news…

It’s not difficult & anyone can do it, but you first have to learn how to fix them before you start the venture, right? Ok then, I’ll start this off by telling you to get the guide that solves’em all, I haven’t found one problem yet that I couldn’t fix since getting the Xbox 360 Red Light Fix repair guide.

The Xbox 360 sure does have allot of problems, that’s for sure lol! But learning and knowing how to solve them is only half the battle. I’m going to briefly go over the few steps you can take to get your new repair business moving, then you can take it from there.

Where to Find Broken Xbox 360's by the Masses:

Once you’re familiar with taking Xbox 360 consoles apart and putting them back together, you can then start looking for a bunch to repair, to start making money selling them or just repairing them for people.

The best way to go about it is to use Craigslist.org. The last time I posted an add on Craigslist.org for Xbox 360 repair, I did it in multiple states and cities, well not all of them but the big cities, you wouldn’t believe the amount of replies I got. It took me all day long just to go through half of’em. My point is just to prove to you, that there is no shortage with demand, because there is plenty of people out there wanting some else to fix their Xbox 360’s for them.

I also placed an add, wanting to buy broken Xbox 360 consoles and that also, blew up my email box beyond belief, with more messages then I could possibly handle.

Get a New Email Address First:

(Note:) Before you make your ads on Craigslist, make sure to get a new email address suing Google mail or Gmail, it's easy free and anyone can do it.

After you learn how to play around with Craigslist (Manipulate it), what you need to do next, is get yourself a business size post office box (P.O Box) because you don’t necessarily want people having your home address plus it’s just more professional that way, then when you start communicating with people about the repair or sale of an Xbox 360, you can give them your new business P.O Box number to have them send it too.

I’ve also found other great places online that will “announce to the world”, you want to fix Broken Xbox 360’s to make money. There are a ton of classified websites out there… all which are completely free to use and allow you to place ads anywhere in the world. Believe me; you’ll end up getting consoles from everywhere, United Kingdom, Britain, Ireland, Scotland, United States, California, Texas, Hawaii, Maine, Canada, Africa, (yeah people in Africa need their Xbox 360’s fixed too), Italy, Mexico, France, China and anywhere else you can think off, the sky’s the limit here, there’s Xbox 360’s everywhere. Remember, Microsoft stated they sold more than 19 million consoles worldwide in April of 2008 (this year), more than 20% of those consoles are broken, so there’s no shortage!

Take Advantage of Myspace & Other Social Sites to Make More Money:

You can also use MySpace and other social gathering websites online to get your presence known, it’s not difficult that’s for sure, you can even go as far as making your own blog, but it’s not necessary.

How to Get Paid Professionally:

When it comes to getting paid, you’ve got two options when you start out, you can get yourself a PayPal account, that way you can except payments for the actual Xbox 360 repair, I prefer payment up front, so before they send the Xbox to me, I ask them to send the money first, it’s more professional that way, the only downfall is, not everyone has a PayPal account.
So, your next option is to use the old fashion C.O.D method (Cash on Delivery).

You can use these 2 payment options until you can something set up with accepting credit cards and checks, you won’t have a problem finding a company to do that for you, there’s an abundance of credit card processing companies out there.

That’s all there is to it...

  • You find the people that have the broken Xbox 360’s or need repair by using various websites/techniques.
  • You accept payment using PayPal or C.O.D, that’s how I’ve been doing it and it’s been working fine.

You can thank Microsoft for this amazing opportunity, if it weren’t for their sloppy, carelessness attitude towards producing excellent products LOL! (Xbox 360), then we wouldn’t be able to make tons of money fixing Xbox 360 consoles. Please, don’t get me wrong here either, the Xbox 360 is an incredible machine and without it, life would be that much more dull (un enjoyable) they are the industry leaders for the gaming business and will bring us many more great products in the future, that we will love just as much, but for now, they made a big boo boo, sort a speak, when it came too launching the Xbox 360, before working all the bugs out first. But for that reason only, we can take advantage of this opportunity to the fullest.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe RSS…

Adam B.