If you’re having Xbox 360 repair problems, let me tell you, this is a great blog to browse around and look for different troubleshooting answers. Depending on what the actual problems is and the severity of it, chances are you’ll find what your looking for here.

Just browse around the different post, tags and Rss feeds, you’ll find the answer to the Xbox 360 problems you’re having.

Let’s go over a few of the most common problems Xbox 360 owners face.

The 3 red light problem, simply put, you can either take the risk and repair this problem yourself, or have Microsoft do it for you, that is if your warranty is still valid, if not, there’s a great article here, about the different Xbox 360 repair parts you’ll need to get the job done.

If you would rather learn how to do it the right way, versus picking up the information you think you should know by watching different videos you can find the web, then I strongly suggest getting the Xbox 360 Red Light Fix repair guide. They will defiantly make fixing the problems an easy repair, that’s for sure.

What about the Xbox 360 error code e74, yeah that’s also a popular problem among Xbox 360 owners around the world, why on earth Microsoft didn’t agree to fix this problem too, who knows. But the easiest way to get it fixed is simple; the repair method you use to fix the 3 red light error will also work on error e74 as well, just as long as it’s not the GPU process that needs replacement.

You can test it by first, checking your AV cable making sure that’s not broke or plugged in, then if that still doesn’t fix the Xbox 360 problems, you can try the X clamp fix, then if that doesn’t work (90%) of the time it will, then you’ve narrowed it down to being the actually GPU unit the needs replacement.

Xbox 360 Unplayable disc problems, well, the best way to go about repairing this problem, is your going to also need to take your console apart and get into the actual DVD drive, removing the motor and pulling the rod the spins the eye, and cleaning all the gunk off of it, so it can turn or spin the way it’s designed too!

You can either browse around the web for hours looking for the solution to your Xbox 360 problems or get the guide that covers them all, you’ll be amazed and satisfied with everything that’s included.

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