Once you get to the point where your Xbox 360 is opened up and you can see the actual X-clamp and heatsinc, if you’re not sure to dismantle your Xbox 360, watch this video How to Dismantle Xbox 360.

All you’re going to need is a flat head screw driver and then gently pry on each corner of the clamp, prying up, one side at a time.

It comes apart very easily.

Note: Make sure to remove the right X-clamp, some people make the mistake of removing the wrong one, although it will not damage anything as long as you do it correctly, you’ll end up having to put it back together and starting all over.

So once you’ve got the X-clamp off, your set, all you need to do is finish the X-clamp repair, whether your doing it to fix the 3 red light error or 1 red light error. To see the tutorial showing you the entire Xbox 360 X-clamp fix click the link.

That’s It!!!

Although your watching these videos and attempting to fix the problem yourself, I strongly recommend getting the Xbox 360 repair that guarantees you a fix and properly trains you, so you don't end up making any mistakes. Click here to get it Xbox 360 Fix