First things first, there’s no way around it, you have to open up your Xbox 360 meaning take it apart, if you’re not aware of Microsoft warranty policy, you automatically void your warranty if you open your console up, there’s a seal and the only way to open your console is by breaking it.

If you’re aware of this that’s fine if not in your still covered under the warranty why not just let Microsoft fix it for no-cost or no headache that we don’t do it yourself.

To fix the unplayable disc error the first thing you do is have to take your Xbox apart, if your not sure how to do this, you can either visit the website below, the link is available at the end of this article, where you can learn how to properly take your Xbox apart or you can browse around online, go to YouTube, search Google and learn how to do it there. Once you figure out how to take your Xbox apart then we can get to solving the unplayable disc error, it’s not complicated, just a few simple adjustments.

At either your Xbox apart you’ll need to pull your DVD drive out, make sure to unplug it first, once you got your DVD drive out you going to have to take better part, it’s not complicated don’t be intimidated.

What happened is the motor runs out of lubricant, much like an automobile runs out oil and the motor seizes up, it’s not that severe but just enough to make the motor not run properly.

So once you got the dvd-drive apart you’ll have to pull the motor out, kick yourself acute tip or cotton swab and rub all the excess grease off the back of the motor, to be a little rod that connects the motor to the chassis of the DVD drive make sure to clean out of properly as well, then you can get yourself some WD 40, spray it on to your cotton swab gently rubbing around the motor so that it’s well lubed up.

All you have to after you’ve properly greased the motor out is just put your DVD drive back together an Xbox 360 back together, make sure not to put too much lubed on, then after me things back together: give it a try, nine times of 10 this is the problem and it will work to fix it.

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    Very informative. I thought you described this repair procedure very well.