Xbox 360 freezing issues do not appear to be going away anytime soon. More and more gamers are becoming frustrated over their Xbox 360's. As many as one third of all Xbox 360 units sold have had freezing issues within one year. Microsoft refuses to replace units with this problem and will charge a hefty price to fix consoles.

Freezing cause:

Xbox system freezes because your console is overheated. The Xbox console has faulty cooling and over an extended period of time the system burns out. Not being able to cool properly forces the gaming system to freeze so that it does not melt your internal hardware. The problem is often referred to as Error e37.

Fix It Yourself!

Don't let the three red lights scare you. Truth is, with an easy to follow repair guide you can fix this problem yourself in about 2 hours. I've done it myself. From opening the Xbox 360 to fixing the exact problem, this guide and High Def videos can help you fix your system better than new. Don't throw Microsoft more money for a problem they created and refused to fix. You can do it yourself and will be able to help others when they ask you how you were able to fix your system.

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